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I almost always use these…..

As I mentioned,  I was going to post what products that I use in my most common lazy everyday routine!  We’ll here they are…. Most commonly used matte bronzer/contour is smog from make up store, or mushroom from Face Stockholm. Sometimes I’ll even blend in some Sophisticated from make up store to get a more …

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I put my brows on….

I putt my brows on, and now I’m on my way to work. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Finally. Took for ever to get some good weather hopefully this first day of July is a perfect indication of what the weather will be like the rest of “summer” in Sweden!

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Me and my lazy work look…

I’m not for putting on loads of makeup when I’m working nights, actually I get quite lazy when I work…when it comes to my makeup that is. But I don’t mind trying to a to look like I’m actually alive…my skin is sickly pale right now and there is nere to no sun to be …

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