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Walk into my closet….

Yes I have a “walk in closet” but I think it’s more a room…. I’ve got the most substantial amount of my clothing on three racks on the side of my wall. And then I have all my nice boots and my rainboots underneath that. The high heels I have on my wall and my …

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Shoe’s, shoe’s and more shoe’s….

As some of you might have seen I posted a picture on instagram of a project I’ve been working on today since this afternoon. And if your not following me the do…littleloudthing. 😉 ☆ I’ve got a lot of shoe’s, and alot of clothes, so I will be fotografing all of them one by one …

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LLLOTD 2015-02-19

Late and time for bed, because I need to sleep so I can work tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to snuggeling down in the bed with my two cute little cats. So I was so laxy at the beginning of the day on my way to work I looked out the window and just realized that …

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What I’m I doing….

I just got a little visit in my room from a very curious little cat, that just seemed mad at me. I actually got a really good picture of that little sweetheart looking really mad. I’ve been fixing my room for quite a while now, and it is beginning to look more and more put …

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Fashion home

Trying to get back…..

After many bad day’s,  many sad day’s I’m trying slowly to pick up the pieces and make thing’s better. I will at a later point this weekend update you on why I have been gone so long and how my life is looking right now. But since I have lot’s to do still…. I have …

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Little Loud Look 2014/08/14

A few details of my outfit today / yesterday (it’s past 12, but still today for me ). I have been out with my mom, walking around, looking at the “Culture” party i Göteborg. Walked around for 2-3 hour. I´ll be posting the rest of the photos tomorrow, i have some more things to do …

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It’s still today for me….

Dam…I just wrote this really long post and guess what… Oh yeah, it deleted it self. How wonderful is that…. I guess this is just one of those day’s! My outfit today was very summery and bright. I’m glad I did wear short’s today or I would have cooked from within while doing my errands! …

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