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Walk into my closet….

Yes I have a “walk in closet” but I think it’s more a room…. I’ve got the most substantial amount of my clothing on three racks on the side of my wall. And then I have all my nice boots and my rainboots underneath that. The high heels I have on my wall and my …

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Shoe’s, shoe’s and more shoe’s….

As some of you might have seen I posted a picture on instagram of a project I’ve been working on today since this afternoon. And if your not following me the do…littleloudthing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ โ˜† I’ve got a lot of shoe’s, and alot of clothes, so I will be fotografing all of them one by one …

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Fashion Me

Necessary bag…

Do you have a favorite bag that makes going to work easier by just keeping you very organized, never forgetting anything, and making sure u can take everything you need with you, without the extra hassle that some bags create. since I work with people out and about, in there home, out on the town, …

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Fashion Me Shoes

LLLOTD 2015-02-19

Late and time for bed, because I need to sleep so I can work tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to snuggeling down in the bed with my two cute little cats. So I was so laxy at the beginning of the day on my way to work I looked out the window and just realized that …

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My ZARA Coat, the edited version!

I know many have this, duffle, coat and I do love it, but I wanted to do something, extra…to make it my own, I bought this a while ago on sale, and it came with the classic grey fur collar, but it was badly attached, the buttons where missing and not sitting to well. So …

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