“I´mchihuahua trapped in a fashion-crazed woman’s body….”




One day a friend came over and we where just hanging out and goofing around like most do when you don´t have anything to do and my friend said…


” I can´t understand how a Little Thing like you, can make so much noise…you are an LLT… A Little Loud Thing.”


And I guess he was right,  I´m a chihuahua in a trapped in a fashion crazed woman’s body….lol, that sounded so weird to say as I’m typing it, and yet so correct!

I have been blogging since 2009-11-09, and it has been a hell of a ride with my life going up and down…and sometimes sideways…

Life has changed and so have I. every new year is a new chapter of my life and together we can hopefully learn something new.

I was born in Sweden, but my childhood was spent with my mother and father in what to me is my home country Cyprus! So every time someone says they have partied in Ayia Napa, I’m like…”I know most people do, but not me”….No parties for me. At least I got to hang out with my dad at his work at black and white during the day, and sometimes I got to come over for the first hour and sit at the front and watch him sell tickets. My child hood was not always fun, but the few things in life are perfect. I did have a blast almost every day of summer, since I was blond, I fit very well in as a fake tourist at the hotel swimming pools so I had the whole city as my own private pool togethe with my best friend Loucia we hopped from pool to pool having the time of our lives!

SCN_0005 cypernresan 129

When I was 12 I lived for about a year in the USA, then I moved to Sweden for my exploration of the Swedish school system (keep in mind I loved school at this age and the Cypriot school system did not allow you to be a “vocal” student).



I stayed there until i was 16, then back to Ayia Napa and Med High, a school for English and Greek speaking kids. After a year there I went back to Sweden, and that was pure luck because, short after that my grandmother died in cancer, she had been fighting it off for a long while back and forth, from before I was born, but I am so lucky to have had her for any length of time in my life. She was and still is an amazing woman that I know she will alway be with me through what she taught me in life and who I am today is thanks to her.


About 2005, my grandfather died, since then death has been a very big part of my life. I’ve lost to many people.

Right now I live in  Gothenburg, Sweden with my two cats, Knudde (orange) and Fjant (Black&White)! (sadly Fjant passed as well…so now we have Secundus, or Boo Boo, or “The little one” as we call him…put I prefer to call him my baby boy.




Fjant RIP my love



Baby boy – BOO BOO aka little boy, aka little one.


Thats me so far…


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  1. It was nice finding your blog and reading your about page ! Love the pictures of your cat 🙂 Btw Your hair look so good and healthy Can I ask what do you use for keeping them healthy 😉 If you don’t mind ! Otherwise it’s fine 😛

    1. I don’t mind. It’s been a struggle to find products that work for my thick fluffy hair. And it tends to get quite dry. I use a moisture rich conditioner but my shampoo I’ll take almost anything. After I dry my hair naturally over night. But I live-in some hair oil from Marc Anthony the macadamian oil. It’s. Great for my hair. But never put it on the scalp it weighs down the hair to much. But gives great weight to the rest of the hair.

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