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Surprise Symphony Orchestra…

Yesterday I was at the culture festival in Gothenburg. And i went mainly for the food and that was not the only thing that I managed to find there. So when we had explored every inch of the festival I thought that we needed to get some extra calories to wash down the already unhealthy meal that we ate. (And no i did not take any pictures of that..i was so hungry that it slipped into my belly before I had time to even think of taking a picture! ) So off we went in to Nordstan to get us some small milkshakes… Yum
On the way out I hear a very distinct melody from the other direction than the exit and start heading that way. Behold we find a beautifully set symphony orchestra in the middle of Norstan playing Movie music of all the things they could be playing….star wars and some very well known much loved music.

So enjoy and take a listen…
And yes that is Slatan in the background. Lol 😆

Talk soon!

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