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Walk into my closet….

Yes I have a “walk in closet” but I think it’s more a room…. I’ve got the most substantial amount of my clothing on three racks on the side of my wall. And then I have all my nice boots and my rainboots underneath that. The high heels I have on my wall and my small bags I have just above the high heels.  Above my clothing I have a Dubble row of my sweaters and cardigans, these are just the once I use the most or are in season. Sometimes you just have to remember to change out some clothing every season.  And since I have a huge collection of clothing I also have 2 more closets full of things I have folded away, like gym clothing or home/lounge wear, and other things like heavy sweaters that I use when I go to work and freeze alot. I even have some things hanging that I need to alter or just fix a small whole….that I will get around to when I have some extra free time.

Here’s a little sneaky peek into my closet.
But I do have a plan to eventually take pictures of all my clothes and post a few at a time…. but for now I’ll leave you with the images of my pride and hard labour,  because yes I did it all my self. 🙂






Talk soon!


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