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I almost always use these…..

As I mentioned,  I was going to post what products that I use in my most common lazy everyday routine!  We’ll here they are….


Most commonly used matte bronzer/contour is smog from make up store, or mushroom from Face Stockholm.
Sometimes I’ll even blend in some Sophisticated from make up store to get a more cool-shaded contour to sculpt the face.
Cinnabar is just a great powder shade for my brows in the rare occasion I need them to be extra bullet proof.
I often use these for a nice basic eyelook as well. Once in a blue moon when I’m to lazy to colour my hair I’ll use sophisticated for an eyebrowshade since it’s so near my own colour I’ll even add in some mushroom or smog to soften it upp. Then just add a brow-gel.



My absolut favourite highlight is meteor,  it’s just a beautiful glowy highlight without being icy on me. Pernice is a marbled blush that is a really good basic peach-pink, renaissance is really pretty if you just use a small amount. It’s a little to peachy for a highlight if your not careful with it. Nox is a mega glowy shade that has alot of layer’s of shine. It’s kinda like a highlight and a blush in one. These are all eyeshadow ‘s unless mentioned otherwise. All from the make up store.

The only other thing I used was my Dubble wear foundation. And some lip balm eos, mint.
Talk soon.


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