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Me and my lazy work look…

I’m not for putting on loads of makeup when I’m working nights, actually I get quite lazy when I work…when it comes to my makeup that is.
But I don’t mind trying to a to look like I’m actually alive…my skin is sickly pale right now and there is nere to no sun to be seen, but then again I’m not much for self tanning,  I don’t have time to be that high maintenance right now. But I’ll do some foundation /tinted moisturiser  and or some concealer if I have a blemish, then both.
That and I’ll just slap on some blusher and highlight and I’m done, if I feel like I have extra time I’ll define the eyes with my mattbronzer/contour and add a shade on the lid then shade in my cheeks and I’m done. But more than that I won’t do for a work day. I’d love to be one of those who where’s mascara every day and has perfect skin with just a healthy glow. But I’m not. I have very big pores all over my face for the most and my lids are so oily that I need waterproof mascara so nothing I’ll put on every day unless I have time to take it off.





I love to just throw my hair into som twisty half braid and look like I just put no real effort into it when it probably took me a good minute to actually come up with what to do with my hair.
I’ll post the products I used later today.

Talk soon.


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