Fashion, Shoes

Shoe’s, shoe’s and more shoe’s….

As some of you might have seen I posted a picture on instagram of a project I’ve been working on today since this afternoon.
And if your not following me the do…littleloudthing. 😉 ☆
I’ve got a lot of shoe’s, and alot of clothes, so I will be fotografing all of them one by one a little every now and then. So when I do a LLLOTD I will have corresponding pictures of each item in my tablet to show you how they look and detals will show up way better.
that way I won’t be having to do these pictures everytime I’m wearing something that I have shown here again, and again. It will save me lots of editing time so I can spend that time commingle up with new fun posts.
Today’s outfit will be commingle tomorrow but I thougt I would give you a preview of the shoe’s since I spend a majority of my day taking pictures of by boots, I’m only half done, since when I got half way I started taking pictures of some other shoe’s, and got sidetracked…
Lots of pretty shoe’s to go through though.

These are my Tom Joules and I’ve had them for a long while now so I’m happy they have lasted this long, I’m beginning to see some brakes in the rubber. But for now there glued. I loved them, and soon I’ll love them to death….




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