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Necessary bag…

Do you have a favorite bag that makes going to work easier by just keeping you very organized, never forgetting anything, and making sure u can take everything you need with you, without the extra hassle that some bags create.
since I work with people out and about, in there home, out on the town, travelling, taking walks or in unexpected places where you might need to have free hands a backpack is an essential item in my work wardrobe. I could not do my job as well as I try to do it if I did not have a good backpack. I do want to find more than this one so I can switch it every now and then. But it is very seldom I do not use this bag for work. Often the reson is I am in a hurry and don’t have time to switch bags from earlier in the day. But then I’ll pack extra light, but those times it is often a short shift I will be working.
I don’t really have a other type of bag that will hold everything I need for a 11+ hour shift and then food as well…

But these types of bags are great! If you want me to do a what’s in my bag, then just comment below and I’ll set it up!




P.s this bag did not come with jewels, it came with the studds and the plain square in the middle so I added some bling when I realized that I had to reapply the studds after they fell of.I know, bad quality but the actual bag has held up nicely and I don’t have to be carefully with it.


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