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Cleaning brushes a boring sideeffect….

I’m sure I’m right if I say that most of us hate the inevitable sideeffect of doing our makeup, mainly cleaning the brushes.
I have found that if I clean my brushes before all or most become dirty cause then I feel so sad that I have to do it that I put it of. And that makes my makeup not look as good if I use the brushes I like the least. Since the brushes left are always the least favorite brushes. I also find that if I use a very nice smelling brush cleaner then I will more likely clean them more often.
I have also found that if I clean the brushes that do not need a deep cleaning infront of my computer while watching something fun or just watching my favorite YouTube channels. I will get it done and barely notice that I’ve done the boring deed of cleaning them.

If I am just spray cleaning my shadow or blush brushes I do grab some wash cloth-towelettes that you buy for infants, (they come in a huge pack and cost almoust nothing, so u only need one pack a year at most) and I put my brush cleaner in a spray bottle if it doesn’t come in one. And then spray some on the wash -towellete and then some on the brush, swirl it around on the papper for a while if this doent suffice I do it again until clean.

And lastly I found that by heanging up my brushes after deep cleaning them will make sure that if I am in a hurry they will be dry the next day. But most importantly the hairs of the brush will keep it’s shape.

I bought these brush cleaning covers on eBay for nearly nothing. And then took some of my old clamps and an old pants hanger to place them on when there are many. But if I just have a few I tend to place the hooks on the edge of my candle stand like here in the picture. That way I will not forget to put them away when they are dry.

Do you have any tips or tricks you do to make your brush cleaning more fun?







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