Guess what…

When you see this post I will be at work, I did have time to edit a few posts today but did not feel like the last two day’s had good enough or interesting enough outfits from today or yesterday. So you will have to wait for an LLLOTD until Saturday -Sunday.
I had promised my self that I would not open this until my room would be done, and now that it is done I get to open my present that I know what is in but have not let myself open it so that I would be able to give it to my self as a “you did good” present when my room was finally done.
So tomorrow I’ll be posting a few pictures of this gorgeous thing.
Wanna guess what it is? The package is rather small. 10x15cm so it won’t fit alot. And it is something I can use and might end up using it to death.



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