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LLLOTD 2015-02-19

Late and time for bed, because I need to sleep so I can work tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to snuggeling down in the bed with my two cute little cats.
So I was so laxy at the beginning of the day on my way to work I looked out the window and just realized that it was pouring rain, and got even more lazy.

So here’s what I wore, minimal makeup, just put on the Makeupstore studio foundation in beige and my matching wonderpowder. An then I was just to lazy so I just got my eye brow gel and that’s all.


Top from Gina Tricot.



Just a plain tank in black.


My warm cosy sweater from H&M.


An old grey coay from H&M.



My new Just FAB boots. They are comfortably warm for rain, but I do wear dubble socks since I live in Sweden.


love the detailing in the back.


2 thoughts on “LLLOTD 2015-02-19”

  1. love that shirt! rainy days are the best lazy days 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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