Me, Skin

New (free) skincare!

OK, so my definition of free is rather large, but mainly it’s when I did not purchase it with money I made. So since I got a gift certificate that I could pick witch store to use it on I wanted I picked H&M since they have both makeup, skincare and other thing’s than just clothes.
So I have been eying this line of moisturizers from Loreal Paris, and since it’s free, why not…

And the verdict is wow, I did not think I would love these as much as I thought…. dam, there good, but do not, I repeat do not use them one after the other give it an hour, because that’s the first mistake I made and when I touched my face I got a hand full of silicony ball like substance and I was shedding it like crazy, but if you wait and apply them a while apart, they are beautiful, makes your skin look more even, more uniform I colour and makes the skin feel way softer than anticipated. All that and it does not make the skin look oily or wet, for a little while maybe but mostly just right after. And the products stand by them selves as well. I love them both. And will very often put on the moisturizer after washing my face and then when I’m going to bed I finally put on a layer of the serum and it absorb nicely and my skin doesn’t feel as dry and dull in the morning.
Just fore a reference I have some very combo skin, mostly normal, on my T-Zone I am oily, I have the worst oily eye lids and my chin is oily, and the sides of my forehead are as dry as sand.
I love these products so much that I will go buy some more of this line 😉




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