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My High Tech Highlighters…

In case you do live in Sweden and don’t know this…
Makeupstore has a special deal right now on there High-tech Highlighters and a few other thing’s. So I thought I would do a miny review on the one’s I have. I did go buy some more stuff during this campaign, but I have my eye on something more but I have to go see if I can get my hands on the last thing’s I want. So let’s see…
I have 4 so far that I’ve had a while and I love them all. You can use these in several ways.
1. You can put a finger or a shadow brush into them and use them as an eyeshadow base.
2. Use them with a finger or a synthetic brush as a highlight.
3. Use a wet brush, I usually spray some face mist on my brush and then swirl it around in the pot and then use it as a light dusting on the areas I need to highlight to get that “glow from within look “.
4. Use some with your foundation or Concealer or bronzer to add a glow|demention to the face.

Not bad for one product to have 4 different uses and they all look different on the skin depending on how u apply the product. The high-tech Highlighters come in many different colors and they in my mind are better than most cream Highlighters I’ve tried out.
So take the opportunity to try something new or just do like me, buy more 🙂 ♡



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