Food, Me

Food Wednesday…

I know that this looks like tuna, but it’s not, it’s sausage, kale, eggs, and lots of cheese. Witch reminds me I need to buy more kale, I love that stuff. It’s great to just put in a pan and heat lightly then add to almost any food. I’ve been a good girl this past two months I’ve nearly not eaten any carbs and stuck to no sugar, coffee, or at least in my case hot chocolate with espresso. But let’s just call it coffee for now….Lol. not to mention that I’ve cut out every ounce of fizzy drinks and redbull. But I do drink some tea every now and then. But I need to buy some new loose tea. Tried to brew some the day before last and it tasted like crap. Had to throw them out, they had been standing for a year so I guess they became bad?
Oh well. But this was tasty…




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