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Sorry I’ve been gone & Breakfast in pictures!

I have had so much to do since last that I had to take a break from blogging, that and my internet seems to be bugging out back and forth, now I’m waiting for the new router to come on Monday hopefully.
I’ve been eating very healthy the last two months now, and this past week I’ve had a real yoghurt and porridge with oats and China seeds and other goodness, I’ve added almond milk to the mix and cooked it with cinnamon. So it’s extra tasty, I do a 5 portion mix and have it in the fridge for a few day’s, that way I don’t have to make my porridge every day, and I’m not the only one that’s been loving it. I’ve been serving it in different ways as you can see in the pictures. But my favorite would be with fresh strawberries but I have non, there so expensive this time of the year here in Sweden, it’s quite ridiculous! But all fruit berries and a bit of yoghurt makes a huge difference. Some day’s I’ll just eat some musli and yoghurt with fruit or berries.







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