What I’m I doing….

I just got a little visit in my room from a very curious little cat, that just seemed mad at me. I actually got a really good picture of that little sweetheart looking really mad.
I’ve been fixing my room for quite a while now, and it is beginning to look more and more put together but I still have lots more to do, before I actually can decorate the room with new pillows, accents and other fun things. I need to buy some wirehangers, clamp and some fake flowers.
I also need to buy some extra shelves so I can place all my sweaters, jeans and other clothing that doesn’t need to be hung up.
I must say I love the room so far, but it is taking me waaaay too much longer than I expected it to.
I guess that’s always the case! The best part of this room make-over is that I’ve found a lot of missing things. Even some that I didn’t even know I had…
I still have lots to do before I can go relax, so I’ll have to update you guys about me and my life happenings tomorrow instead. So for now enjoy these awesome picture of my “little man”.



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