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Hospital, family sickness and crazy cuddly cat’s!

On Monday I was supposed to got to work but I got so sick I had to stay home.
Then I got worse.  I was dizzy,  my head was spinning and I was having flashes, and thing’s floating around my vision.  When I almost fainted a few times in a row I called mom and made her come and make her keep me company to the hospital.
I was there from 15:00-05:40 the next morning, I apparently have been eating, sleeping and taking care of myself to poorly..

And the worry about my family members sickness has had me feeling even worse.
My mom’s husband is in the hospital again, not doing well at all. He can’t eat and has lost way to much weight.  He was supposed to get more treatment this week but that’s not happening.  
I am one of those people that always want to be in control of my own body and not feel like I’m loosing control and that is exactly what has been happening to me lately. 
It is starting to get better but the dizziness is still there and I can still se stuff floating around in my vision.
There has been a betterment since Monday but not as much as I hoped.
I’ll be going to the supermarket in a while and it is a little worrisome, that I might get to dizzy. But I need some more food so I have no choice.

If I don’t feel worse tonight I might post a pic of my dinner and an update. Must say it is very lonely to be home alone with the cat’s when I’m sick it feels more lonely somehow.



This is the closes I could make the picture look like my vision when I was at the hospital. Couldn’t find a filter that looked like weird strings.. lol.


I’m thankful for my cuddly sleeping companion! Love him.
When I’m better I will try to post a picture lineup of him growing up!

Talk soon and wish me better!  <3

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