Worked my self sick….

I’ve had alot of thing’s these last few weeks to worry about and with the amount of work I had taken on I literally fell-ill…
Friday I was at work 15:00, on my way there I started to feel lightheaded, got some blurred vision,  but I just waved it away. Though it would pass like everything usually does for me.
But when I got to working it escalated the more I moved around and did thing’s.
So finally I got someone to come in and cover my shift.
At about 18:00 I left work,  got home 25 min after that and as soon as I got out of my work clothes and into PJ’s I felt like fainting!
So I finally gave in and put myself in bed. Then all I know next was that it was 21:16 at night and I had practical passed out.
Too little food, sleep, too much worry?  Don’t know but that’s why I took the last two day’s of from the internet.
Yesterday I just lounged around at home and installed The Sims 3 on my now what seems to be working computer!
Looking forward to The Sims 4, so badly I’ve played The Sims since it came out me and Mom are diehard fan’s of the game. Will probably play it at the age of 80 when there at The Sims 18…or something lol!

I hope  I will stay healthy and feel good until I get back from my visit to my Czech family!
It will be great to be back,  haven’t been there for long while!
But most of all I’m looking forward to my trip to see Dad, and all my Cyprus family! That trip can’t come soon enough!

I’ll make sure to post all the “missing ” posts today and I’ll try to put in some extras!
I  hope ur all having a great day.

Talk soon!

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