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A sneak into my skincare! (Little Loud Tip)


This is a product that is very popular at the Body Shop,  all there scrubs in this consistency are awsome!  But I have found a new use for this,  normally I use this to give my leg’s an almost painful polish before I shave them. But I found that I can actually use this as a very deep cleaning facial scrub. I have extreme skin growth /cell-turnover.  So I have to exfoliate my skin every other day or I get deep “worry lines “on my forehead Thanks to my thick buildup of excessive skin. I don’t have naturally “glowing “healthy skin.
But when I use a scrub it takes most of it of. I had a really good one but when I ran out I did not have the time or money to buy a new tube so I tried this in a pinch and as long as you stay away from the eye’s and then after use a “soap /cleanser ” whatever you normally use to wash your face you get rid of the greasy feeling this leaves on the face.
Plus for the price you get alot of product and you only need 2-3 peas worth of scrub.
And the best part it comes in a lot of scents!  But do not buy a looser scrub,  the more thick consistency the better for managing it on you’re face!

Hope you enjoy the tip. Talk soon!

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