A day in the life of a worker bee…

I’ve been rather busy this week. So far.


As you can see tomorrow is the first whole day I will have off in 8 day’s.  Funny thing is it’s actually more. Last month I worked the last 3 day’s of July, so it’s been 11days since last. It will be really nice to get a vacation.  I’m not doing anything big I’m just going to go to family to visit in Czech Republic.  Witch will be nice and alot of nature. My trip is not to Prague bit I will take a day trip there before I leave for home again. I’ve booked plane for next to nothing,  I was really lucky,  I payed 200 SEK more than the buss ticket costs. So yey for not having to sweat in a tin can for 18 hours!
I have not taken a flight since I last was in Cyprus to se Dad and my family (that includes Loucia) and that was I think three year’s ago? Something like that. Way to long.
But hopefully if everything goes as planned I’ll see them at the end of September!

Talk soon!

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