On a lightning (lighter) note today…

I got of work at 15:00 and my coffein was keeping me awake for a while, just enough to enjoy spending some time with Mom.
We went to see Gardians of the Galaxy.
The movie was great, exciting, fun and really cute characters.
But during the last 10 min of the movie apparently lighting stroke. Because the movie stopped and the whole theater got black so we had to wait for them to restart everything so we could finish seeing the movie.
What do you do when force major strikes?  You laugh and hope for the best…lol.
The lighting is still going on in the background as I type right now, but it is so far away that there is no thunder yet. Thanks to having next to no sleep tonight I think my night became even less productive than planed. I’m so tired…..
But since I’m working tomorrow at 15:00-08:00 I have to stay awake or I’ll be falling asleep at work, and that would be bad….very bad.
So I’m painting minis…and watching YouTube like the zombie I feel like…


I’ll try to post an update on the painting tomorrow or the day after at Little Loud Minis

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