Came home, hijacked by computer, then died in bed!

I stopped working at 08:00 in the morning yesterday (worked agternoon+nightshift 15:00-08:00 17h shift)so I got home, changed clothes and cuddled with the kitties…but then I got hijacked by the allure of my somewhat working computer and the new internet (I say somewhat because I need to change the power source so I can use the better of my graphics card so I can play Diablo III ).
My internet is officially in 2014! With 150-250 /mbt it feels like the future compared to my old internet it is the future…at 0,9/mbs, it kinda sucked.
So when I finally pulled my self from my computer the time was 11:28 and almost lunch time. So I went to bed like the zombie I felt like and when I got up it was 4 in the afternoon!. At that point I was so dazed I poured two cups of my version of “coffee “.

As usual I had forgotten that I had to go sleep early thanks to my morning shift today 08:00-15:00. So when I tried to sleep nothing happened… at about  02:00 I finally fell asleep.
I had to get up at 05:50 just to get to work in time and I felt like me eyelids rocks over my eyes holding them shut, so I maneuver me sleepy self towards the kitchen and poured even more coffee down my throat.  Lol.
3 Cups of coffein in less than 24h, when I’m used to 1 cup every other day at most is doing something weird to my body. I know it is bad for me, but what can you do when you need to stay awake with very little sleep.

I’m hopefully going to go see a movie with Mom today, let’s keep our fingers crossed!
She was feeling kinda sick the day before last. But I hope she is better now. Been working so much that I’ve only seen her when she went shopping with me a few day’s ago.

I’ve had alot of bad news this week so I’m looking forward on getting out for something other than work. I haven’t even been to the gym.

My Mom’s husband has had cancer for a long while now, but last week they found more. And this week they took him to get more radiation treatment,  we hope it will slow the process at least a bit. But when you have tumors in your brain, arm, lungs and now spine you don’t really have anything else to do than hope for the best.
If that wasn’t the drop of my filling cup of way to many cancer related bad memories then I got some bad news from Dad.
His mom is now even sicker then they had initially thought,  so she has cancer as well and she probably won’t make it to this Christmas.  But she’s well enough to be OK til I can come see her I hope. I miss her alot and miss my Dad even more it’s been to long now since I saw them last.
My heart goes out to them all and I hope we all can get through this with as little to no pain. There as been enough loss already in our lives thanks to cancer!


Me and my “Θεία ” Δεσπω (Despo ) my Dad’s mom, but I always call her aunt. She was way to young and beautiful when she became my “grandmother ” so I always call her aunt, the most flattering thing I could call her.
She has more grandkids now but I’ll always be the first.  🙂


In this picture only 3 are left alive. Sadly my παππού Πετράκη “grandpa ” (Petraki) (the man on the left, with the big belly) died a few years ago. Also the man next to him is dead.


Here is one of my grandpa,mom,me and grandma but only me and mom are left. Grandma died from cancer as well. She fought hard, and it took long. Miss you! 

But enough of the sad. Now I need to go think of something less sad.

Talk soon!

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