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Just woke up, working tonight…

Yesterday I got a last minute extra shift at work, so I’m working 15:00-21:00 today. Yesterday I got of a LONG shift at 08:00 in the morning.  And I’m working tomorrow 15:00-08:00 the next day as well.
I must say it is nice to have a job where you feel you are being appreciated!
Often when someone is sick or can’t work they call me if my schedule will allow me working extra so that makes for a great feeling of work-appreciation.

I also just realized I had not yet posted the close ups of my make up yesterday. 
I was writing a super long post, and then my stupid phone deleted it while trying to upload it.  Sometimes technology just doesn’t work like you want it to.




This is from while I was doing my make up, I’m not wearing any foundation but I put on a full eye makeup and some lips, also bronzer and blush!  The heat in Sweden has been extreme these last few weeks 25-36C in the shade…so makeup won’t really feel good when your running around and doing stuff for 3-7 hours. So I have been at most putting on some concealer on some spots that I’m almost rid off, and calling it a look… :p
With this much sun my freckles have flared up as well….
OK, now breakfast,  I know it’s late, but it suit’s my schedule! 
Talk soon!

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