Cats Me

Alot of things have happened in my life since last….

And one of these things are,  that I have welcomed someone new into my life…
He is cute,  funny, smart and he is yelping me cope with my loss,  I know it has almost been a year now since my sweety passed away but some days it still feels like yesterday!
Anyone that has lost there best friend knows exactly how I feel.
And that is why I felt like I had to open up my heart to someone new before I became a bitter,  unhappy person.
So when I saw this picture of a sweet little baby boy a just had to welcome him into my life.
He was brought into my life just at the right time and managed to fill a huge hole in my heart. And still today almost a year after my great loss I can still feel his presence in my life thanks to my “new” little friend.
And he still makes me fall in love with him over and over every day.

I’d like you all to meet “Lillen ” Secundus “Plupp Plopp  ” “Boo Boo” the cat.


In this picture he is only 12 week’s but at this moment he is 12 1/2 month’s!  This is the exact photo that made me take a 3h trip just to go get him that and a feeling in my gut,  that he was the right cat. As soon as I got him I knew I was right. I was blown away!
The whole trip he was quiet, calm and very cuddly. As I was taking a buss I had the carrier on my lap and my hand inside the carrier the whole trip, petting him til he fell asleep in my palm!
Since then alot has changed in my life, for the better and some for the worse.  But overall my life is better. The tings that have changed in my life I will write about in separate post’s I think they all deserve there own “chapter ” of my life.

But for now you will all have to wait for my next post.
I am waiting for my new internet to be installed at home but I will make sure to post another update on my life tomorrow!

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