Revlon lipbutters…

Cotton candy and candy apple.
These go on very nicely and the colours are nice but there is another brand I like better than these when it comes to this type of products!  But I’m in love with the colour of the cotton candy.  It has like a golden pink shimmer to it. So pretty



5 thoughts on “Revlon lipbutters…”

    1. It’s like a frosty golden pink wash over your natural color and it’s truly amazing! I’m very bad at using pink’s but this works great on me and it has a beautiful shearness that is buildable so you will never look like a clown or in your case Nicki Minaj. 

      1. Haha, I saw it! Thank you so much. It really did help. I’ll try it on my lips instead of just the back of my hand to be sure. <3

      2. Mine are very dry red and I have like pale yellowish skin. So I never look good in pink’s. But this actually work’s! Hope u find a good shade for you. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about by favorite lipbutter brand. Just found some that are better in consistency even if they don’t have a big range of colors!

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