Cold drink that tastes crème brûle ! With recipe!

For this you can use one of three method’s. Alcohol or no alcohol! Milk is the main ingredient. And then ice, add a crème brûle serup or lequer and add lot’s of milk. If you don’t have that then take the crème brûle shot of espresso and milk mix from the tassimo coffee mix and punch a bug hole in both and poor them into a glass. The next step is optional! Add a tiny shot vodka. This is only needed if you want a lequer taste to it, but it tastes great even without. And a little less calories!
In my case I’ve tried both of the last two method’s. But not with a serup like Torani or Monin. But it would work just the same! Use what u have and have fun put in some colorful straws!

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