007 Kitty cat…

When I was standing in front of my window and cleaning up my makeup counter…I heard a smacking cat sound,  like the cat was cleaning him self.
But then I looked around and no cat!!!  It happened 3 more times still no cat…. then I don’t know why but I looked up….
And there he was. On top of my closet have no clue how or when he got up there…and he usually hates high places.
He truly is a sneaky allusive Kitty…







5 thoughts on “007 Kitty cat…”

    1. Well he is not the least bit sneaky normally… but right at that moment he did the impossible for him. He sneaked up on me. That cat weighs 4,5-4,9 kilos…so he is really bad at sneaking on uneven hardwood floor’s! LOL. Laughed for 30min when I found him!

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