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Makeup brushes part 3…..






These where the biggest set that I ordered from eBay the “Manly ” brush set.  Several of the brushes in this set are duplicates so this set is great if you want extra eye brushes or know someone who needs some good eye brushes,  witch I think I do….so the extras might become a gift 😉
And these come with a huge wrap that I probably won’t be using. But will keep around incase I need it to transport them one day. But that’s going in the wash for now. As most thing’s from eBay I will was all my makeup brushes when I get them right away so no germs or bad smells will stick to me, my cat’s or room!  So that’s what I did with all of these and the rest of my new brushes and in the case of these it took for EVER!
It felt like I was standing at the sink for almost an hour!
I’ll tell you more about my whole cleaning process later on….

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