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GLAMGLOW super mud treatment mask review…..

As I previously told you I would do a review about the GLAMGLOW super mud mask in the white box!
I love the idea behind it works just as well as the face mask in the black box. The only real difference is that this one I would say is for younger skin for acne prone skin. But as I said earlier if you want something for anti-aging and that really plumps up your skin. Then I think the black box with the tingling mask is way better!
As you probably can see in the pictures below it is the charcoal mask so its way darker then the tingling mask and it does have a really good clarifying effect the other differences that after you let it dry then you don’t wet your face and just rubbing exfoliating beads because unlike the other one this one doesn’t have any exfoliating beads!  Which is probably why I don’t like this one as much as the other GLAMGLOW product. If I’m really going to spend a lot of money on a mask I want to feel the effects of the mask working, as well as see them afterwards. And since this one neither plumps up my skin is well or exfoliates I love the other one, but I would recommend this to someone that doesn’t have those issues that I have. Because it still is a great products great smell and if you can find it really cheap then its definitely holy grail product. And unless you don’t like see smell of licorice then you’re probably going to love the scent!
When its on it feels really luxurious and spa like but as I said earlier you can’t really feel it working like the black box GLAMGLOW.
And when he tries it feels about the same as the black one. Very stiff.







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