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GLAMGLOW tingling face mask….review

This mask is my new all-time favorite when it comes to plumping exfoliating and giving healthy glow … it has a very distinct tingling affect you can feel during the drying, long it takes to dry is quite individual because of me it took almost 25 minutes. But it is well worth the wait! its has dried you will see that it is very stiff that is when you know it’s dry in my case I could almost not move my face!  Like most masks you do not just wash it off, the trick is to lightly went to your face wet your face and massage around the exfoliating  beads.
When you have washed it off you will see that your face is plump glowing, and your face feels refreshed and healthy! Oh and in my case more firm…
So if you are on the chase anti aging, firming,  plumping face mask that gives you healthy glow then this is the right one for you! I love this one so much that I actually bought the white one to try as well… I will keep you updated on a review on that one shortly as I’ve already tried it! Oh and I did actually order a second one of this online. I found it somewhere really cheap and I thought why not just stock up on it since I love it so much!


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