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How my hair starts out….

Usually I wash my hair at Sunday night, dry it and shape it straight or curly and if I go curly I sleep with it over night and then spray it with a holding spray or just let it fall naturally. If I let it fall naturally then about early evening the day after washing it the curls have fallen into a loose curl like in the last picture.
This is very easy for summer but sometimes I like to put more effort in.
And oh I was my hair about every 3 -4 day’s depending on oilyness of the hair. Plus I use dry shampoo as a refresher.  I’ll post the dry shampoo I use soon. I have some more editing to do. Took way to many pics today and the last two weeks!  So I have alot to catch up on.  🙂




2 thoughts on “How my hair starts out….”

  1. I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but your eyes are gorgeous! Also, I love the color of your hair. Do you get it done professionally, or is it at home? Please add in the dry shampoo you use, I’m on the lookout for a good one. The one I have tried so far has an incredibly potent smell (and not a pleasant one at that). Also, if you don’t mind, please take a peek at my blog!

    1. Hi, Thanks, not creepy at all. I’ll post that later today and I’ll go into how I did my hair in a post as well. There seems to be more people than you who wonder how it came to be…Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

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