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How my hair started out when I dyed it ombre…

So first I found an extremely blond dye that Harvard yellow tone to it and then I applied it to where the pic says light nr 1 and on a few individual strands here and there a bit higher so it wouldn’t look “fake straight lined” I don’t like that look. Since my hair has a naturally ombre effect to it. And Yes I do naturally have blonde hair. But it has not suited me since I was 13! I
When that application was done I let it stay in for the maximum allowed time (always check the packages instructions!) When that was rinsed out I dried it with a towel and then let it air dry for an hour.

Stage 2….
See pic light nr2 indication till this first arrow I put from the ends of my hair the next layer mark. (Nr2) You might need two packages of blonde I just needed one, I just mixed up half of the coloring at first in a bowl so now I used the last.  Then when I reached arrow nr1 on light nr2 I started streaking some hairs upp to where arrow nr2 is so the effect will be gradual and very natural!  Make sure that you cover all your ends if you aren’t going to cut the hair after!  It’s easier to cut before coloring!  If you can then ask someone to help you. The back is really hard to get even!  Unless u have a room full of mirror’s (witch I do not have) so I took help from my mom.

Stage 3 lately I’ve been getting lighter up top by the sun. But not fast enough to make it look good and even.  So I started using  the got2b beach blonde lightning spray to make it more natural and less like outgrown dyed hair. Plus that way I don’t have to use hair dye during the summer.

So I Hope this step by step overview of how I dyed my hair ombre answer’s your question’s,  and I’ll be posting my hair care product’s and hair restraining product’s later today so stay tuned!  If you have any questions just comment down below and I’ll get back to you! Love it when I get comments it’s so fun to read!



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