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Skin Haul…

So let’s start off with Make Up Store, I was looking for a fixing spray for my face and had heard many good things about the MAC FIX+ BUT I haven’t really used any MAC before so I thought why not go look… so to make a long story short I when to MAC sniffed there face fix….and thought it smells oki…but since the Make Up Store was next to it I when there to look if they had a version of the FIX and behold the Face Mist in green/blue…so I sniffed that one two and that actually smelled so much better that I just bought that one. It smells kinda like tuttie-frutty a fruity fresh spray. But it did cost 10sek more then the MAC one…oh well…on the box it says “enriched with hazel extracts, aloe Vera and alga extracts to moisturize your skin “and that’s really good description.


And since I was there I looked for a brush cleaner that dries fast and the one they had seemed really good at removing pigments so I got that one two..



The next thing I bought is this Palmolive handwash, that smells of orchids… the bottle says it all “irresistible softness. ” So this I use for my deep cleaning of my brushes once or twice a week depending on how dirty they get and the swell is awsome and the brushes really do feel softer every time I use this.


There are slot of products out there for skin moisturizing and anti aging, but since my skin is a bit of a mystery I have to use the regenerative effects of a anti aging serum on my forehead that is the driest place on my face and my eye brow area. And this stuff actually seems to work quite nicely a mix of moisturizing and anti aging for a daily use. I have used quite slot already but that’s fine because I got it extra cheap for half the price at a supermarket.


This Loréal serum is the best serum that I have found so far to replace my expensive Elizabeth Arden serum capsules that cost a small fortune…but this is going to same me a fortune and save my skin as well every 2 days I use this as an extra “cure ” for my forehead and it works magic so far. I also put a drop of this in my everyday foundation mix so that my skin won’t attack my makeup and dry up and cause a rash or any other irratation. And it’s beyond awsome. If it keeps this up then this will be one of my staple products that I will rebuy.

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