Whats your taste?

As many people, are out at such hours, into the night, I’m at home relaxing, right now, just hanging with the kitties and watching a movie or two, soon bed time, I was wondering, what would I be drinking if I was out/in partying right now, and the answer is actually quite simple, because the other day I made a drink that I haven´t been drinking since before my grand dad died….so I guess a while ago.

A concoction that I have not heard of but just tested out one day by my self, have never checked it out if it is an actual drink, but it sure tastes good!

It is a martini drink, with lime fruit pressed and drink mix lime taste and then topped off with martini and 7up. And it tastes great for a spring, its kinda light and not heavy and I have never drunk enough to get a hangover, but then again I have had A BOTTLE of martini in my possession for 2 years now, and just gotten to under 1/2 the bottle the other day, so I guess I’m not really a big drinker (but I already knew that).

So anyway what is your favorite drink right now? I really want to know, fun to hear!

Same drink different glass so you can see the color of the contents.

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