Cats Me

sweet sweet cutiepie

So, there are very few things in this world that realy make me all cutsie and aaaawwy, u know the kinda way women get when the se a cute little kid, well as many that know me have found out, thats not really me….

But I do get that way when I see a really cute cat (like mine) or a really cute dog, now that really gets me, when I grew up on Cyprus (a former british base/colony island) I grew up with lots and lots off dogs, my dad did not like cats. But we hat lots and lots off them, but since I was about 12 I have not had a single one, and that hurts, i miss the kind of unconditional love u get from a dog, my dad was in to big dogs, and as Cyprus has a lot of “macho” men there arent a lot of small cute ones but when i was 4-5 i saw a chihuahua, and since then I have always wanted one. But still I dream off my cute imaginary puppie, and one day I will get one, but I hope sooner then later cause I miss having a dog, and the sense of that you have someone to take care of that way. Plus I doese not hurt, that they always listen to you….no matter what you say.

But until that day I have…..

Knudde is totally bananas over the birds, he thinks he is a big man, but as sonn as the birds get to close, he jumps off the table and hides, seagulls are bigger than him….

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